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History Makers

The Power to Make History

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History Makers

The Power to Make History


History Makers: Commissioned to Make History

Who has God called to be a History Maker?


Stand Out : Prayer for Anointing and Protection

We all seek God's favor. How do we ask?


Stand Out: Prayer for Divine Blessing

We stand out by kneeling down. How do we ask God for His blessing?


Stand Out

Week one of our Stand Out series.


The Arrival of Light

How does Christmas bring light into a dark world?


The Arrival of Hope

Finding God’s promised hope in Christmas.


The Arrival of Promise

Christmas is coming! But what does this season really mean?

Week 8 | 11.11.18

The God Exchange: The Struggle for Blessing

Are we wrestling with God for blessing?

Week 7 | 11.04.18

The God Exchange: Hidden Idols of our Heart

What are we really worshiping?


The God Exchange: Greed

What are we really worshipping?

Week 5 | 10.21.18

The God Exchange: Achievement

What do we worship? Have we made an exchange in our lives for the things we set our hearts on?

Week 4 | 10.14.18

The God Exchange: Power and Control

What do we worship? Have we exchanged God for other things in our lives?

Week 3 | 10.07.18

The God Exchange: Relationships

What do we worship? Have we exchanged God for other things in our lives?

Week 2 | 10.03.18

The God Exchange – The Idol of Dreams

What are we worshiping? Are the dreams we have for our lives taking the place of God?

Week 1 | 09.25.18

The God Exchange

What do we worship? What idols are in our lives?

Week 2 | 09.16.18

What Matters Most: Who is our Neighbor

God calls us to love our neighbor as ourself, but who is our neighbor?

Week 3 | 09.16.18

What Matters Most: Loving Our Neighbor

How do we love our neighbor as ourselves?

Week 1 | 08.24.18

What Matters Most

Week One of our series "What Matters Most."

Week 11 | 08.10.18

The Story – The Birth of a King

This was God’s plan – to give to us one who was fully God and fully man to overcome all the consequences of sin and death and eradicate suffering and pain.